Junior Cycle Recommended Reading

Reading is a simple pleasure in life. It absorbs the mind, stretches the imagination and lets us plunge into worlds very different to our own. Reading also develops our critical thinking skills, communication skills and vocabulary.

Reading for pleasure, as a crucial component of literacy, is promoted throughout our school. The students have constant access to a well-stocked library and are encouraged to use this regularly.

One Book, One Term

This campaign endeavours to get the entire school community reading, and talking about, the same book during each school term. It generates a focus on reading as an enjoyable pursuit and encourages people to share their experiences and thoughts on the selected title. The upcoming term’s novel for Junior Cycle is The Maze Runner by James Dashner. We would encourage all students, parents and teachers to read the selected books.




Click here for NCCA recommended text lists for Junior Cycle 2017-2019.

Click here for Book trust website book finder.