First Year Meet and Greet

This week in DCC, parents of our current first year classes were invited into the school to meet with our First Year Care Team.  It was an opportunity for the parents to meet with the Class Tutors, the Year Head, the Guidance Department, the Learning Support Department as well as the Healthy Eating Dept and to get a feel for how their son/daughter was settling into the college.  They also had the opportunity to chat with other parents over a cup of tea!  There was a wonderful turnout and the feedback from parents was very positive.




Friendship Week

‘Friendship week’ will begin from Monday 12th -16th October

The following schedule of events is intended for our six year groups.


First Years


‘Songs for Syria’ a lunchtime performance concert performed by first years. The venue and time for this event is 1.30pm in the music room on Monday 12th. One euro entry fee towards UNICEF.


“Humour Fit”, an educational theatre company will run a 90 minute presentation for all first years covering the theme of anti-bullying on Tuesday 13th October.

(Morning event Assembly Hall)

All First years will receive classes on the theme of bullying from the cool schools programme in SPHE

As part of these classes students will focus on the following.

  1. What is Bullying?

2. Different categories of Bullying

3. Making a class agreement

4. How to get help

5. The role of a bystander in assisting a victim.

6. What makes a friend?

Conversation Circle Time

First year students will meet with their Peer Mentors in Religion class to discuss in small groups their transition to Dunshaughlin CC.

Friendship week breakfast morning

All 1st year students with year head and tutor teachers Wednesday morning 14th periods 1 and 2.

Friendship bracelets

1st year Home- Economics students will make and wear friendship bracelets as part of Friendship week


Second & Third Years


Humour fit to give a 90 minute presentation to all 2nd year students on Tuesday 13th covering the theme of peer pressure and its negative influence on substance misuse

2nd and 3rd year SPHE teachers will cover the theme of Bullying in their classes.

TY/Fifth and Sixth Years


Humour fit: To give a 90 minute presentation on the Value of Life to all 5th year students, Tuesday afternoon 13th October in assembly hall.

           Senior Cycle Religion classes

All senior students will have cover the theme of homophobia and its impact on relationships.

Whole School Activities


Poster and Poetry Competitions

There will be prizes for Art work and poetry/slogan/short stories on the theme of Friendship and Anti bullying….lots of prizes to be won!

Special Friend/ Act of Kindness Nominee

All students from all year groups are encouraged to nominate a ‘special friend’. A student can nominate a friend that perhaps has been there for them through a difficult or challenging time. Tutors will distribute slips for nominees during tutorial time and students return completed slips to a box in Rm. 24(Slips will be forwarded to tutors ahead of Friendship week)

Teachers can also nominate a student who has shown an act of kindness and return nomination to box.


Junior SPHE/Senior Religion...kind thought sheet

Each student is given a blank sheet with the name of a student in the class (30 names 30 sheets) each student gets the chance to write a kind word or thought about the student named on the top of sheet as they are passed around the class. Teachers will collect sheets at the end of session and distribute back to relevant student.


Lunchtime Music entertainment

In assembly area each day at Lunch.

Our aim is to highlight that Bullying behaviour is not and will not be acceptable in DCC. We also hope that students will feel supported and that they can approach key staff personnel for help if they are being bullied. We also hope that the week will reinforce the importance of positive relationships built on trust and empathy and respect for one another.




Student Leader Training and badge presentation.

Congratulations and well done to all our senior leaders who have completed their training and received their badges. We look forward to working with them all throughout the year.






Smart Futures

A Smart Futures event, organised by SFI and Engineers Ireland was attended by the Yeats TY chemistry class.

In the Smart Futures programme, volunteers from industry come into schools to chat to students about their careers. We had two scientists and an engineer come to our Transition Year chemistry class. They talked about the path they took to get into their jobs, including what subjects they did for Leaving Cert and what college courses they took. They also talked about what they found interesting about their jobs and what benefit their jobs had to mankind. The students listened very well and asked lots of questions after the talk. Afterwards the volunteers spent time walking around the classroom talking to students and distributing some goodies (stickers, notebooks, pens, pencils...) They even brought some of their products in to the room and passed them around for students to handle.

The whole event was filmed by New Decade and a short video will be posted online soon!




Autism Awareness Workshop

On Thursday morning some of our Transition Year students were fortunate enough to participate in an informative and engaging autism awareness workshop with Adam Harris from As I Am.






25.01.2018 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


29.01.2018 - 02.02.2018


30.01.2018 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm




06.02.2018 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Transition Year Upcoming Events






14.05.2018 - 15.05.2018


18.05.2018 9:00 am - 1:00 pm




28.05.2018 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm