Resources for SEN students

Please see a list of websites, links, free apps, paid sites and general info links that will be of use to you, if you feel the need.

This list was compiled with the intention of helping all students in with SEN requirements through these uncertain times.

As a result you may feel that some of the resources do not suit your child, they may be too basic or too difficult. However we are confident that there is something there for everyone, from touring the Galapagos Islands in a virtual tour to learning the am/pm click to video tutorials on what is expected of people in a place of work.

At the very end of the list is a few extras that have been rolled out by companies to aid students, some of these are only available for a limited time and are mainly aimed at those who may be in an exam year.


Useful Websites (General):    A very good website worth looking at with addition link to many more suitable resources offer thousands of free resources. 1 month free subscription with code: IRLTWINKLHELPS - a resource for individuals with special needs. - Free Special Educational Needs teaching resources. - an interactive service with an emphasis on exploration and reinforcement.

Virtual Field Trips - a list of 40 different places around the world you can visit. Free at home curriculum for autism education



Communication and Literacy

Coronavirus Story - Slides to explain the virus to children

Things I can do at home- Visual Schedule; this can be printed out or simply used for getting ideas for chores/jobs to keep everyone occupied. 

Visual Schedule Example - Suggestion: can be used with Things I can do at home to help create a workable visual chart for the day. Or simply used to get ideas.




KhanAcademy App- from the App store.

Recycling Sorting Activity- Suggestion: generalise to a real-life activity to sort rubbish and recyclable materials.



Life Skills & Behaviour

Life Skills Program Planner - A very useful planniing tool that provides Task Analyses for 132 life skills that can be taught at home to increase independence. 

Assessment of Work Habits and Behaviour- A simple checklist to see where your child is at and areas you can work on together.

When I'm Frustrated Social Story- Free Mini-Book

Washing Hands Visual Schedule Basic but maybe worth a look in the current climate

Handwashing Sign Same as above

Kitchen Safety Checklist quick user checklist. Students more than likely spending more and more time in the kitchen of late. - Home Visuals, First/Then Cards, Token Boards, Feelings, Yoga Positions, Fine Motor Skills Ideas



Lesson Plans:

Living Thing: Plants

Community: People

Life Skills: Food Choices

Family Life: Birthdays

Time & Change: Transportation

Land, Sea & Air: Seasons

Space: Planets

Human Body: Bones



Three-Week Homework Plans:

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E

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