Student Leaders

Student Leadership

We endeavor to include our students in the day to day life of our college. Practical pupil participation is at the core of our Student Leadership programmes. Currently we have two projects where senior students can develop and refine their leadership potential.

These are the Prefect System and the Peer Mentor Programme.





The Prefect System

Each year a select group of our 6th Year students are, after a rigorous selection process, chosen as the leaders of our student body. At a young age they are identified as somebody with leadership qualities. They attend a session on Leadership skills and Effective Communication.

There are obvious implications for a future C.V. and School reference as the duties involve




ü An opportunity to participate in the formal running of the school.


Prefects are a layer between the staff and students…….

ü  They liaise with the Student Council

ü  They work alongside staff giving practical help with the running of the school….things like helping to supervise locker areas; canteen; corridors

ü  Help teachers to operate lunchtime initiatives

ü  Represent the school at public events

ü  They are role models for younger students in the college

ü  Attend Information Evenings for Parents


These student leaders wear their Prefect badge with pride and the Management and staff would like to sincerely congratulate them on their commitment.





The Peer Mentor Programme

This initiative aims to make the transition from primary to secondary education more enjoyable and less threatening to our in-coming 1st year students.

Senior students volunteer for consideration and are interviewed to assess their suitability for the project. They attend a workshop where their role is clearly shaped. Throughout the year they work closely with class tutors and the Year Head to 1st Year.

The benefits to the Mentors include practical opportunities to experience the following:

 ü Leadership skills

 ü Personal and Social skills

ü  Social awareness

ü Sense of Responsibility

ü  Team-work

ü  Listening and Communication skills


This is an opportunity to become involved in a project that has the

potential to help others in a real and practical way.


Peer Mentors

The role of the “Mentor” in our School is to support and help First Year Students .

  • Our Agreed Responsibilities as mentors are:
  • To be leaders and act as role models.
  • To adhere to role, relationship and problem...





 Training Day 2015






 The Student Council

 Dunshaughlin Community College upholds a strong tradition of an active and energetic Student Council team. The Student Council endeavours to improve the daily lives of students, in the spirit of co-operative partnership with school management.

The Student Council in our school, is a representative structure, which is composed of elected students from across all of the student body. The work of the Council is guided and directed by the liaison teacher Ms. Nic an Rí.


Our activities are varied, and essentially our aims are as follows:


  • To improve and enhance student life, and to encourage all students to take an active role in school life.
  • To liaise effectively with the student body, Staff, Management and the Parents' Association where appropriate, to promote and maintain a positive and understanding school environment.
  • To establish a positive link with the Senior Prefects and to work effective together.
  • To provide a forum to allow students to raise concerns, and to achieve greater unity by seeking acceptable solutions together.
  • To increase our relationship with the local community by our fundraising activities for worthy causes.


So if you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, would like to meet and work with some new friends, and want to make a real difference to school life in D.C.C.....

We welcome you to join us on the Student Council team in the new academic year!




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25.10.2021 - 29.10.2021

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