Price List


We are a local catering company who specialise in canteen catering.

Our focus is to cook fresh on site daily offering the best quality to your children for both lunch breaks. Our staff are fully trained and the kitchen is run by our Head Chef Maura who adheres to any suggestions the students may have.

We offer many theme days and have introduced a "dinner day" where we have added meat, veg and potato dishes. We have also introduced "wholemeal" only days! All of our sauces for hot dishes are made in house and we sneakily add 3 of your "5" a day into them! We use low salt stock and continue to strive with healthy options. There are no sausage products within our menu.

We aim to keep our hot dishes which there are 2 of daily at 2/2.50 for small portions and 3/3.50 for large portions.

Examples of these dishes include; Various pasta dishes served with garlic bread and parmesan shavings, lasagnes, Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, Bolognese, carbonara, tarragon pasta, pesto pasta, stuffed chicken with veg, turkey/ham, roast beef, stews, Moroccan hot pots, mexican enchiladas, chicken fajitas, roast beef, pies, shepherd's pie, baked potatoes, potatas bravas, Thai/ Chinese/ Indian curries to name but a few...........

We have a fresh soup daily and we also have a breakfast special weekly which includes scrambled/ poached/ boiled eggs on toast, mini omelettes, beans on toast.

We work with many local suppliers and our goal is to make sure our menu is changed on a weekly basis to keep students interested in what they are eating. We circular this menu every Sunday evening and post the main courses on your school web page where students can view and give us their opinions.

We look forward to serving your son/ daughter in the new academic year and as always suggestions are welcome.

Our very approachable staff onsite daily are Marian, Anne, Audrey and Jackie along with Maura.

Should your son/daughter wish to pre order anything from our menu or even just one of their favourite sambo's please make sure to let them know our staff are there to take your orders.